The mighty Miccosukee tribe is the newest of the three great tribes that make up the Mayakka Federation.  We pride ourselves on being the “tents only” tribe.  We get back to the basics and shut out the noisy world while gathering around the campfire.  We have Moms and Dads along with kids of all ages.  We have perfected the morning pancake making process on our griddle and often draw a crowd when dessert comes hot out of the Dutch oven.  You will often find our kids winning the annual Olympics, busy doing crafts or wandering the grounds playing flashlight tag.  We cover the major meals for 15 dollars per person for the weekend.  We encourage those that join us to bring drinks and snacks for their family for the weekend.  We also always leave the grounds cleaner than when we got there to show respect for nature.

For more information please email us at myakkaguides@gmail.com or connect with us on Facebook at @MyakkaFederation.